Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Happy Halloween, with VEGAN CANDY CORN!

As Vegan MoFo draws to a close, we are faced with a perennial Halloween dilemma -- the search for vegan candy corn.  Vegan candy corn is commercially nonexistent, which is so unfair!  There is no good reason for candy corn not to be vegan.  I found some Jelly Belly candy corn (my favorite in pregan days) at the store yesterday, and it contained the following two non-vegan ingredients:  beeswax and confectioner's glaze (for those not in the know, confectioner's glaze is made out of bugs).  Do you seriously mean to tell me it's impossible to make candy corn without those two ingredients?  Seriously?

Anyway, vegan candy corn is impossible to find in stores, so I made some myself.  Pictures after the jump:

It's high fiber and sugar free!  Gluten free, too!  Cotton yarn and polyester stuffing.
Human hand included for scale.
I can't bring myself to give candy to babies, so if any infant trick-or-treaters show up tonight, they'll be getting homemade vegan candy corn.  At least, the first two infants will.  I have two kernels with embroidered eyes, suitable for children under age 3.  I doubt any kid could chew off those plastic safety eyes, but I'll err on the side of caution.

The other nice thing about my homemade vegan candy corn is that it doesn't get stale.  I made this batch a few years ago, and as you can see it is still in perfect shape.  I think it's probably time to make some more, though.  For those who want to join me, here's a free pattern from Lion Brand.  The yarn specified is not vegan, but any worsted-weight cotton or acrylic will do.   

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