Tuesday, October 30, 2012

THIS JUST IN: Vegan Pumpkin Spice Saltwater Taffy!

You heard me.

Today was another hurricane-induced day off for me and the girlfriend.  We were starting to get cabin fever and we needed to pick up some Halloween candy for tomorrow's trick-or-treaters, so we bundled up and trudged through the rain to our local chichi grocery store.  We don't usually shop at this store because it is mostly a lot of overpriced junk food, but we didn't want to drive anywhere and we figured this was the best place within easy walking distance to try to get trick or treating candy.  

We did get some candy for the kids.  But who cares about them?  Look what we got for ourselves:

Vegan.  Saltwater.  Taffy.  From Fralinger's of Atlantic City.  If you're not a saltwater taffy fan, you may not realize what a find this is.  I never eat saltwater taffy any more because it's impossible to find vegan taffy at the Maryland and Delaware seashore.  Atlantic City, where have you been all my life?  And it's pumpkin spice, which is a) seasonal and b) one of my favorite flavors.

We opened the cute little taffy purse and found this:

Six ounces of deliciousness.  I quickly unwrapped a piece .  .  .

. . . and popped it in my mouth where it belonged.  Chocolate liquor is listed in the ingredients and I'm guessing that is responsible for the dark stripe, but there is no chocolate fragrance or flavor.  In fact, I didn't detect any scent at all.  The cat was totally uninterested.

Upon first putting the taffy in my mouth, I didn't taste much of anything -- just generic sweetness.  But as I chewed and it softened, a strong pumpkin spice flavor emerged.  You could definitely taste the pumpkin, not just the spice.  It was like pumpkin pie candy. Om nom nom.

Newman wasn't interested in the candy, but he did like the wrapper, which he carried away in his mouth:


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