Tuesday, September 25, 2012

I can haz oatmeal?

Cats are carnivores.  I respect vegans who do the hard work of feeding their cats vegan food while making sure they stay healthy, but I'm too lazy to try it myself.  I feed my cats meat cat food every day.  But the cats, and our kitten in particular, insist that they also need vegan food!

Every vegan cat caretaker knows about cats and nutritional yeast.  They just can't get enough nooch.  Maybe it's because we named him after a cookie, but our kitten Newman is also in love with carbs.  He eats bread, rice, potatoes, and this morning it was oatmeal.  First he practically tried to climb into the pot.  Then when I served the food he was trying to eat out of our bowls.  I had mixed hemp protein powder into my oats, and that only seemed to make it more appealing (I'm glad somebody thinks that stuff is appetizing).   I shut him in the bedroom so I could eat, but I figured my food was safe with our older cat, LC, who in six years has never shown interest in oatmeal.  Well, he and the kitten have clearly been talking to each other, because as soon as I walked away to answer the phone he was in my bowl as well.  In order to eat without audience participation I have to shut both cats in the bedroom, or wrap my arm around my bowl like I'm in prison.

What unexpected foods do your cats crave?


  1. Although I am currently a pitiable catless person (allergies & stuff), my previous cats and other people's cats loom large in my heart. I never met a single self-respecting feline that didn't like Brewer's or nutritional yeast. This worked out well for me, because I couldn't stand the stuff - I'd mix it into some O.J., drink it, then cry. Maybe it was the facial flushing, the niacin flush, but I eventually gave up trying to down the vile stuff, and let my cats have it. They all enjoyed it, and I'd also dust them with it, which kept fleas away. Shasta liked a lot of veggies, but only if steamed or cooked. She liked broccoli tips but not the stalk. Uki enjoyed mashed yams and peas, but I'll never know - it could have been the butter. Uki also ate Scotch tape - hadda have it! I had to hide the dispenser. Cat pica? Oh, and Sadie liked certain soft fruits, like cantaloupe and banana. All my cats enjoyed oatmeal, oat bran, wheat germ, and crunchy cereal like Cheerios or wheat Chex. Oh, and they all preferred their drinking water from the sink or the toilet. It's either that running water seems "fresher", or that it's their "mineral" water. Water in a bowl? Totally unacceptable! Finally, they usually say, "I'll have what SHE'S having", meaning they are always interested in what you've got in your bowl.

    1. Aww, how much fun to read about all your kitties and their snacks.