Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Vegan Break-Fast

Well, another Yom Kippur has come and gone. We broke the fast at our favorite divey Chinese restaurant -- Kung pao tofu and green beans with garlic sauce, yay!  Breaking the fast with Chinese food is something of a tradition with us. A lot of synagogues host break-fast meals so you can eat immediately after the service ends, but in my experience those tend to be lox-and-bagel type affairs, and the vegan option is . . . bagels.  Period. Maybe a few grapes or baby carrots if you're lucky.  That just doesn't cut it when you haven't eaten in 24 + hours.  My girlfriend always craves tofu after a fast.  And I don't even eat bagels any more.

So we had our tofu and green beans with steamed rice,  and on the way home we stopped at Trader Joe's for some of their yummy fresh squeezed OJ.  Now I've had all my food groups.

Sorry, no pix. I was abstaining from screens for the holiday and didn't have my phone with me. Man, that tofu was good. It has a nice hint of smokiness that I probably can't reproduce at home without a gas stove and a really well-seasoned wok, neither of which I have. Which means Towson Best Chinese Restaurant (its real name) can count on my business for many Yom Kippurs to come.

I hope everyone who observed the holiday had an easy and meaningful fast. And a sweet New Year to us all.

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